Papretty -_-

Pampakilig. 😍💞💘



Best sabi wacky. Haha. Nagpacute ka ata.

Sabi ko wacky pero bakit parang nagpacute lang sila. Hahaha.

At ate Ria’s crib <3

She’s dating the bangster. 😍😝😂


Nightieeee 😘

Mother Francesca Day.

I joined Trinitas, the school publication in our school then Thanks God I passed but I never expected that I will be volunteered as a photojournalist well in fact when I applied I ranked 6 the photojournalist according to I like the most, wow, just wow. Hahahaha. Then the editor in chief assigned me to wait as the motorcade passed by the Robinsons Place Palawan I have waited there for almost 3 hours but there is no motorcade happened. Fuck. I just went home and took a sleep. What a tiring day for me.